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Be Still Retreats is a place where pastors and ministry leaders, their spouse and staff can come for free to get alone with God in nature.  These leaders face real demonic oppression and God has impressed upon Lindsay and I the need to take a stand against the powers of darkness by assembling a strong team of prayer warriors.  When you subscribe to be a part of the Be Still Retreats Prayer Team you will receive a weekly email listing our guests and prayer needs if they provide them.  If you're not sure what to pray for, here is a list of some of our prayers for the guests of Be Still Retreats:


  • That there be no unforeseen change in plans, schedule conflicts, health or family issues that prevent them from getting here.
  • That God grants them safety and excitement in their travel here.
  • That the moment they drive through the gates at Be Still Retreats any baggage, demonic oppression, anxiety, etc. is stripped away and replaced with a noticable peace in the presence of God.  (Lindsay and I have prayed specifically for two mighty Angels to be posted at the gates for this very purpose).
  • That they get true rest when rest is needed, that their sleep be quality, uninterupted, rejuevinating rest.  When focus is needed that God remove all the fog from their mind and grant focused, productive and clear direction.
  • That they experience God in much deeper, supernatural ways while they take this time alone with Him.
  • That they leave relaxed and refreshed with a renewed clarity and love for the ministry God has placed them in.

Thank you for considering this vital role in the ministry of Be Still, INC.!

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