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Esther Children Center, Kisii, Kenya

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Esther children Center is a charitable independent Christian Institution working with the community and other stakeholders to improve the lives of orphans, vulnerable children and street children, providing them with food, shelter, clothing, health care, education and spiritual guidance.


Esther Children Center (ECC) is an independent Christian based non-profit dedicated to reaching community for Christ, striving to achieve lasting improvement in basic quality of life for needy and vulnerable children.

ECC provides basic education and skills training aimed at reducing poverty for the attainment of decent livelihoods. We are a duly registered children institution under Kenya Laws.

ECC was founded in 2003 by Mother Esther Moraa with the aim of saving children’s lives. ECC has been serving the Lord and humanity since the year 2005. ECC becomes a home and hope to orphans, abandoned children, street children, abused HIV/AIDS affected and infected, neglected children regardless of their tribe, religion and sex, who have nowhere to call home and no one to take care of them. We provide them with food, shelter, clothing, spiritual guidance, education, medical care, mentorship and parental love.

Our spiritual and mentorship programs are aimed at rehabilitating the children morally through positive character transformation with the goal of leading them to know God and love Him, at the same time leading dignified lives.


We see children within the community and Kenya as a whole healed and living at peace with God and one another while developing their God-given talents and reaching their highest potentials.


To reflect the love of Christ to the community; reaching the children in need of care and protection, nurturing and empowering them to make a difference in their community for the glory of God.


  1. To rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate children in need of care and protection.
  2. To provide an alternative home for secure residence and stable family love alongside spiritual nourishment, counseling, guidance and Christian teaching.
  3. To provide basic and advanced literacy skills.
  4. Resource mobilization for sustainability.
  5. To offer vocational skills training in various trades to complement formal education and to equip the beneficiaries with lucrative skills for resource exploitation and future self-reliance.
  6. To integrate and mainstream environmental conservation and HIV/AIDS programs into all the internal and external activities of the center.
  7. To create a humble and acceptable culture among the children through guidance and counseling, sporting activities developing effective social skills, as well as sustaining Christian outreach programs through gospel music, drama and testimonies.


  1. Character development: Building the character of the child, the youth and the marginalized.
  2. Unconditional love: Being able to express love to each and every person in the center.
  3. Transparency: We believe in maximizing transparency.
  4. Trustworthiness: We believe in fulfilling our obligation of building a better society for future generations.
  5. Accountability: We believe in making commitments and living up to them.
  6. Humanity: seek out holistic care of marginalized members of the society and children.

In our roadmap towards ensuring restoration of hope among the needy, vulnerable and hopeless children, ECC undertakes a wide range of programs that are aimed at fulfilling its objectives in the project.


The ECC mission to transform lives of vulnerable children begins from outreach and admits children in both community based projects and resident rehabilitation, providing access to both basic and comprehensive services. Rehabilitation services include nourishment and health care services, housing, clothing and spiritual guidance.


ECC prioritizes education as the best mode of rehabilitation as this enables the children to break the poverty cycle in their lives and transform the society. At ECC we have children in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and Universities.


At ECC we endeavor to train our children to put God first, we teach them that God is the creator of this World and He has a purpose for every one of us on earth; we teach them to know God and worship Him. We guide them to surrender their lives to Jesus and teach them the virtues of love, honesty, humility, righteousness, perserverance, hard work and most importantly we endeavor to show them love.


ECC believes that children rights are human rights hence the need for child protection against abuses that deny them rights to justice, education, survival and development.

ECC is strongly involved in influencing positive changes in the justice delivery system under the Child Protection Act and the Educational Rights Program.


In order to sustain its operations. ECC engages in a number of income generating activities for sustainability. The principle of social entrepreneurship has been integrated in ECC programs through initiating business ventures for profit to support the most vulnerable children and families in society. These include agriculture and poultry farming. We also have a dairy farming unit which meets nutritional needs of ECC children through constant supply of milk, providing quality supplementary feeding among babies and children. Furthermore, the Dairy project has provided organic manure and biogas production. Through this, ECC has promoted development for renewable energy through the construction of one biogas digester for production of biogas for cooking purposes.