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My jaw dropped

I recently took a retreat at Be Still during a sabbatical leave from my ministry position of 16 years. In my prayer times before coming to Be Still, I’d been reminded of a specific image God had given me a couple of years prior: the image of Jesus standing in a sunny field, beckoning me to join Him and saying to me, “Come and play!” At the time I originally received the image, I felt too weighed down with responsibilities and burdens to know how to accept His invitation. 

…I drove out to Be Still and checked into my cabin. When I walked through the front door and saw what was in front of me, my jaw dropped.


I was floored to see the words “playinfield” as the Wi-Fi password for my cabin. It was like a huge wink from God, a confirmation of the invitation I’d been hearing quietly all along, but now it was written down on paper and staring me in the face. I experienced it as God’s firm invitation to release my burdens to Him and join Jesus in a season of more lightness, rest, and play. I praise God for the way He spoke to me during my time at Be Still through something as simple as a Wi-Fi password!

- Hannah
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Spoiled by the beauty

“I love this place because I meet with God differently here, and feel so spoiled by the beauty of these houses every time. Be Still has given me an opportunity to retreat in silence and to savor the quiet that I didn’t know how to handle just 3.5 years ago.

Thank you for all your hard work, fighting on our behalf for finances, for all your designing and cleaning and shoveling and communication.

I am a different person for having this space available to me as a missionary, to meet with God in quiet.”

- Kate

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