Pause with Purpose

Software Launch Funds

You can join our launch team by donating towards our software launch cost of $300,000.


Monthly Support Goal

We're a 100% crowd-funded nonprofit. Your monthly giving allows us to fight clergy burnout.


What is BE STILL bnb?


Jesse and Lindsay cast vision for the concept of Be Still bnb.


Just added!

How far along is the build?

Design preview

Our design work for Be Still bnb is complete! This video shows some key features and progress since launching the build in January 2022!


Imagine with us

Clergy retreat locations spanning our nation, with the mission to fight clergy burnout.  All, hosted and posted, by individuals with a heart to serve Church leaders through the vacation properties God has blessed them with.


Development is underway

We've officially launched a $300,000 fundraising effort to develop an online marketplace for travel information and booking services planned to launch regionally in 2022!  Help us out by donating today!

Have a property you'd like to list?

Host on Be Still bnb

Introduction video to hosting on Be Still bnb.


Just added!

Can I host clergy at my property now?

Meet our first Be Still bnb hosts

Cory and Becky contacted us after learning about the Be Still bnb project, becoming the first to host clergy connected through Be Still bnb!  Want to do the same?  Just follow this link and sign up today!

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