Imagine with us...

Clergy retreat locations spanning our nation, with the mission to fight clergy burnout.  All, hosted and posted, by individuals with a heart to serve Church leaders through the gifts God has blessed them with.  We've officially launched a $250,000 fundraising effort to construct the BE STILL bnb website to make this happen!  Help us out by pledging or donating today!

Announcement Letter

Click the button to view the announcement letter from our founders, Jesse and Lindsay Urban.

What will BE STILL bnb actually do?

BE STILL bnb will be a vacation booking directory website similar to Airbnb or VRBO.  The key difference is we invite property owners with a heart to fight clergy burnout to host on our website and they actually list blocks of time at their amazing properties to be used for FREE by members to BE STILL bnb.

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Who can use BE STILL bnb?

Membership to BE STILL bnb is reserved exclusively for Christian clergy and ministry leaders.  Our members can book respite stays for themselves, their spouse, kids, staff, pets, etc. based on what the property hosts offer/allow on their listings.

What will membership cost?

Membership to BE STILL bnb will be charged annually at a nominal fee (yet to be determined).  We anticipate the fee to be under $100.00.

Have a specific question?

Check out the promotional video link at the top of the page for the vision rollout by our founders, Jesse and Lindsay Urban.  If you have a specific question, here's your button!

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